18th birthday!

I turned 18 not long ago! Actually on the 7th of October, the same as every year.
I did get to hang with my family on my actual birthday but the celebration took place the weekend before on the 4th!

Here was the plan:
Meal with friends and family at chosen venue.
Sleepover with friends at hotel.

It was super stressful and if im honest…not worth the stress. I would have much rather just spent the weekend watching tv shows and that be it.
Im a big birthday person, I love birthdays!…except my own. Anyway, lets get into the photos!

I woke up around 10 and put rollers into my hair and set off out to pick up my friend R as we were going to get ready today…. I didnt mind that at all! I was happy she was able to make it, even if it did mean doing her makeup and hair for her and rushing to do my own to leave on time.

Then headed over to the hotel to check in, but as I checked my phone I had 5 missed calls from a friend who had gotten to the place 1 hour early and my stress levels went up by about 5000%.

and I was greeted by all my family members saying how lovely I looked and how pretty my dress was and where was it from and how much did it cost and who did my hair and……. stress levels 70000%.

The decor was nice lol.. I love high ceilings. The minion balloon isnt because I love Dispicable Me but rather due to a joke Id make to my Mom early that week…you had to be there.

The meal part of the menu was stressful 500000%. For some reason noone remembered what they had ordered and everyone was getting the wrong thing and idk it was so stressful I kinda blocked all of that from my mind. My meal was goooood though yes good food I hadnt eaten anything yet that day and I ate it so fast I felt like such a pig hahaha…

The food was nice, I had dessert which I hadnt planned on having and I had happy birthday sang to me and got to cut … the cookie. 

I had presents handed to me (ugh I hate that part.. presents make me so uneasy) and eventually people started leaving.

I hadnt been able to do anything that I usually do. I spent hours getting ready and had no photos at all, I asked a friend who had bought her camera to take a few photos of me but she was adamant to only take one and it was blurry but luckily Magda was there and took a couple of photos with my phone (which turned out amazingly) so.. yay for Magda  ♥

and then we all piled into one car and headed to the hotel….

Which isnt very blog worthy….

I mean what happens when you stick 7 girls in one room? 

  1. 1, they get out the alcohol and play never have I ever
  2. 2, walk to mcdonalds
  3. 3, half of them go into the other room to do coursework/sleep while the other half take horrendous selfies
  4. 4. drama
  5. 5, more drama
  6. 6, all of the above??

I have a few photos so I guess ill add them here..

Me&R • I holding my phone hostage • My face the morning after

Lumpy orange juice • Magda likes the lumpy orange juice • No butter for the bread

• my face at est 7pm, 3am, 7am •

I mostly took selfies.. and the pictures I took with other people are kinda goofy and not really very blog worthy if I do infact want to keep my friends as my friends.

It was super stressful and I spent the whole time worrying that not everyone was having fun or that I upset people by being bossy and on the last few hours of the sunday I was soooooo tired and I kinda snapped at a few friends as my mom drove them home and I feel really bad about that and even now I am worrying that people actually hated my birthday and dont like me anymore ? Its just something thats always in the back of my mind and seeing how well all of my friends got along with each other I felt kinda sad and worried that they might prefer each other over me. 

Im really happy that they all got along and added each other on fb and everything though, and they all said they had fun to my face so that counts?

and most of them even wished me happy birthday on my actual birthday!!


my actual birthday…

On my actual birthday, I woke up and opened my presents and then I showered and got dressed into the least attractive outfit possible. I put my hair into a ponytail and left the house with my parents and brother to go and see THE BOXTROLLS!!! It was so good! I need to watch it five billion more times!!! It was amazing and im so happy I got to see it!

And then we went for a meal and I was so cold I had a hot chocolate and it came with a little mini mug of marshmallows and it was such a good hot chocolate! I had a lovely meal too accompanied by my parents who saw a baby and went “awwww you were like that 18 years ago!”…. heh

Then we went home and I installed The Sims 4 and played it.

Perfect actual birthday.

and that was my birthday!

I am now 18 and I refuse to acknowledge that I am technically an adult….after all… TEEN is still in my age….haha

How did you celebrate your big 18th birthday? Or if you havent turned 18 yet… how do you want to?


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  1. SooMoo ϟ
    October 23, 2014 / 11:24 pm

    Looked like you had a wonderful birthday! 😀

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