When I grow up….

Sept 3rd: “When I grow up I want to be….” Feel free to answer as your 5-year-old self or as of now.

Oh gosh, this is a funny topic to think about. Theres only really been one career path that ive wanted to follow ever since I was a little tiny person up until just under a quater of my life ago.
That, I am ashamed I must say, is a spy. For MI5.

It was literally my dream job from around 6 – 14 which is a pretty decent portion of my almost 18 year long life!
Why a spy? Why MI5? I could elaborate but im afraid that that information is confidential 😉
plus I dont really know why MI5 .. MI6 sounds cooler thinking about it


Actually no, I will share just to make this blog post longer.
Long story short, I thought it was cool. As a kid everything about what I thought being a spy would mean doing was appealing to me… Pretending to be a different person, travelling to different countries, languages, cool gadgets etc………..

Ofcourse when I entered year 7 I found out what the internet was and actually visited the MI5 website and read about the different types of jobs and did the little simulator tests/ and did lots of research and decided I wanted to be an intelligence officer. and I planned the whole of my academic life out from there on
Year 7 was my first experience of having to learn a different language other than English and I found it incredibly hard and realised that if I couldnt even learn french how on earth was I going to learn Arabic and Chinese…..
(French was the language and I loved it lots and I still do even after 4 years of studying the language I only know how to say hello and fish)

My second choice after that was to become a forensic scientist and so I focused on Science and Math (two subjects I did quite well in) and all was well.

Then stuff happened and my life fell apart from me and I stopped thinking about what I wanted to be
when you think about it was probably quite a good thing I never became a spy…

Could you image a spy dressed in some of the styles I like????hahahah

that would be awesome


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