I... I am not one for challenges. Infact if challenged to do anything I pretend the internet doesnt exist for a week before returning and pretending I was never challenged.
However ever since I started trying to post regularly I realised how hard it is to come up with interesting topics that will also interest other people.

Which is why at 01:50am on Monday 1st September I am delighted to have found the #blogtemberchallenge. A brilliant idea thought of by Bailey Jean of www.braveloveblog.com ... and I am going to try my hardest to participate this month.

I am going to make myself a few rules though first!

  1. College work before blog posts! Also, sleep before blog posts! Basically life before blog posts! The internet is not the most important thing in my life anymore.
  2. If I miss a day... it has been missed. This is a rule to say I am not to pine over missing a day and just get onto the next day.
  3. Dont just skip a day because the topic is hard and my trouble with writing makes me want to cry b/c I cant think of anything to write.
  4. Actually do atleast 5%
I am my own personal cheerleader these days as I dont take anyone else seriously enough for them to have any effect. sh.


As I only found out about this today I am going to blend the introducing post with the first topic which is................#
Sept 1st: Imagine the front sleeve of a hard cover novel. Give us your "About the Author" so we can get to know one another, and for fun tell us what your imaginary novel would be about.
(This is going to be hard because I have no imagination when it comes to writing...aka the reason I have no actual English qualifications)

About the Author.
The author, Hannah, is a student in the very worst part of England. She enjoying watching far too much tv on her laptop and downloading soundtracks from movies that she will never listen to ever ever and skip through when they appear on her iPod (heres looking at you Frozen soundtrack >.> ).
When it comes to writing she likes to write about nothing. It is a real art binding many words together and having them contain no real content. Kinda like a Daily Mail article....
The author tends to have a severe mental block when it comes to writing things and often reverts to using writing templates from ehow on how to write anything other than a really rubbish blog post *cough*

When he/she gets older he/she wishes to be ..... bilingual. She knows its a really long shot but in her words "it would be super cool". Failing that she would like to visit different countries and teach English as a second language or open a guest house deep in the creepy English/Welsh border countryside (as she often holidays there, and again, in her own words "its super rad"..). However she would have to insist on getting a great internet connection.
She would be lying if she said she had not already planned out the whole guest house thing already...

To conclude this person has a severe lack of imagination yet at the same time a terribly over-active imagination when it comes to sleeping after watching horror movies. Why she watches horror movies in the first problem she isnt really sure of.
and, for some unknown reason, she really enjoys blogging.... and kpop and almost every other genre of music

(My imaginary novel would be a baking book filled with all of my favourite easy yet super yummy recipes)

So thankyou for reading, and hopefully you will stick around to read the next 29 (...?) posts.