Sept 5th: "I am passionate about ______________. "
. . . . .

What am I passionate about? I wish I had an answer. Im probably going to read everyones posts and just be jealous because if theres anything in the world that I am most jealous about (after having rich parents, good jawlines and being tall) its having a passion.
Because I simply dont have one.

Or if I do I simply cant think of it at all.

I remember writing way back on the first of this month how im very neutral about so many things. I really wasnt lying. I have no one favourite musician or band. No favourite tv show or movie, fashion style, hair style, celeb, interior design style. Nothing! I mean, it doesnt make me special or anything its just a part of who I am.
And if im being honest, I dont know if thats the reason why I havent found anything to be passionate about or if maybe I just havent found the right thing to be passionate about.

Its definitely strange, especially considering how old I am and how one of my friends (whos only a teeeeeeeny bit older than me) is really passionate about something and is literally doing everything they can to make that thing happen.

Sorry I kinda scooted around this topic, I dont feel like I can answer it honestly and my blog is my most honest place.
Hope you enjoyed reading it anyway and what are you passionate about?