I forfeit.

Im not really feeling the rest of blogtember.. its been a nice run but I feel like, for me, it should come to an end. Although there is only two days left of it.
I forfeit.

Maybe next year ill plan it better and not miss a single day, maybe next year ill forget to participate at all.

Its my birthday in 9 days, I was born at ten to ten in the morning five weeks early. 18 years later and I know just about as much as I did 18 years before.
Okay, fine. I know a little bit more than I did when I was born.

I read an article earlier from two years ago that talked about the ‘adulthood starts at 30’ generation, technically the article called it the peter-pan generation or Gen Y but idk what to think about it. Im pretty sure I heard that line in Community a season or so ago.

I dont really know anything about generations.. where they start.. where they end.. I dont know anything about that.
My generation is Z. Well.. thats what google says, born in 1996 = Generation Z.
Surprisingly, to me, im in the same generation as my brother, born in 2001..

My dad and my mom, born 1973&1974, are both Gen X.

The only person I can think of that I know that would be in Gen Y is my Aunt on my dads side, turning 30 last year and living at home before that she was the last of any of my Grandparents children to get married and fits the Gen Y description completely.

..what lies ahead for Gen Z?
what lies ahead for me?


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