Five of my favourite blogs.

Sept 22nd: Introduce us to 5 blogs you read on the regular, and tell us why!

Hello! I seem to have slipped… It was all going so well and then college hit. Unlike the week before I hadnt pre-prepared and the days managed to completely wipe me out and I was asleep before 10pm each night. Its unfortunate that it happened but as I wrote in day 1, if I miss a day or five just move on… theres no point in wishing that I had written for days that have already past.
And so now I am crawling out of this little pity party ive been throwing for myself the past couple of days and charging right up to day 22.

This will be fun.

1 . Cheeserland. Id like to say that these blogs are in no particular order and that may be true for any blog underneath this one but this one is on top. Cheesie is a blogger from Malaysia who has been blogging for 10 years!!!!! I found her blog a couple of years ago and still to this day she is a huge inspiration for me when it comes to blogging.
I love her fashion style, her writing style….her everything.
wtf #1 fangirl right here I think.

2 . !!!!!!!!!! Thats all I can think of when it comes to Kailas blog. Its simply amazing, from the design to the posts to the enthusiasm. I found her blog way way back in early 2012 and reading about her dreams and adventures I really feel like I know her and sometimes I even feel like a proud mom of sorts…even though im only 17 :/
For my birthday in 2012 there was this skirt that she had made and put in her online shop and my mom secretly bought it for me and I received this huge package with extra goodies in it and a little note from Kaila herself and I wrote a blog post about it and she shared it on her social media and I got a huge influx of views and comments and it was just so crazy … im sorry I just love Kaila and her blog so much its hard to start writing without rambling on

3. Fourfeetnine. or as I used to call her….. 1/2 of Foruchizu >.> Audrey is a blogger also from Malaysia and I found her blog because she’s friends with Cheesie and together they made their shop Foruchizu. Which I managed to buy one item from before it closed its webstore 🙁
Not only am I very jealous of her name and amazing hair.. I love her blog posts. They are more lifestyle than fashion but I love that because im a very nosey person and love reading about peoples lives. She has a very particular way of writing and it really manages to catch my attention.
Although I knew about her (I used to be really into reading the blogs of people in a certain SG/MY circle) I never really payed attention or cared before I read Things Shorty and Fatty Say on her husbands blog. I swear I spent a whole evening just reading those blog posts and all of a sudden I fell in love with her sense of humour… oh and I love her updates on

This is starting to get really hard. When I started I thought ‘haha jokes on them, I barely read any blogs this is gonna be easy’ but… that doesnt seem to be the case at all. I mean sure, the only bloggers I read are ones that I personally like and feel like I know (even though I know I dont know) them but it turns out that I actually read a lot of really cool blogs.

4 . FISTFLIGHT. I cant really give an explanation as to why I like this blog. Its very simple in design and most posts are either pictures or word or both… um ok I know thats what most blog posts are but still. Its something special.
Jean Anne writes on her about page-

and I think thats why I love her blog. Its personal. Its full of feelings and thoughts and its the kind of blog I sometimes wish I had. The kind I wish I were able to write. I love her style of writing so much, if you took her words and put them into a book it might be one I might read over and over again just because I love it so much.
Does that make me sound weird? ah probably….
Ive only commented three times on her blog so I still feel like a huge creeper.

5 . Dungarees and Donuts. I couldnt write a list of my favourite blogs to read without including Jess’ blog. I first tweeted her because she was looking for a person to write to and .. well.. thats my kinda thing. Since then her blog has completely blown up and she has so many readers and I am just so happy for her! Unlike me she never goes a week without posting something and you can really tell when reading her blog that she loves blogging. If Jess recommends something you know its going to be good.

It feels super weird to be writing about these bloggers because, not including Jess or Aud, ive been reading their blogs for years and because I was super obsessed with Japanese fashion for just as long I kinda associate them with my old blog and so it feels weird to be talking about them here.
Did you know?
Cheesie used to love Lolita Fashion when she was a teenager lol snap.

Hope you enjoyed my five favourite blogs! It makes me sad that it wasnt 10 or 15 or 20 favourite blogs because I could have written on and on for days about all the amazing blogs that I read (I have no life…haha) but this was fun to write!

c u tmr xx



  1. September 23, 2014 / 3:19 am

    I also read fourtfeetnine! I came across Audrey's blog through the sweet proposal of her now husband, Timothy. 🙂

  2. SooMoo ϟ
    November 9, 2014 / 7:00 pm

    I'll have to check out these lovely sounding people's blogs! c:

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