A guide to Leics.

Sept 23rd: A guide to your city! Share some of the hot-spots and hidden gems of where you live.

I dont hate Leicester but…if I had to send my worst enemies to a place …. *cough*

Then again, I dont live in Leicester, I live just outside it. In the not countryside not city nomans land place. So atleast my parents did something right.

And dont get me wrong, as a history enthusiast it does have a few great places to visit. But as a very sleepy teenager in her room with no way of getting anywhere b/c no full drivers license …. its not a great place to talk about. Especially not if you are expecting me to take my own photos.

So a guide?

High cross. A shopping centre that used to be a lot smaller and known as The Shires (built 1991) was rebuilt and given a new name in 2008 and has since become home to many of Leicesters bored teenagers. I do believe that it is also home to what could possibly be the worlds biggest John Lewis but I cannot confirm this as I avoid that shop like the plague.
There is a mcdonalds with two entrances located in highcross. One entrance is from the highstreet and is often guarded by any one group of Leicesters own brand of chavs / v. intimidating teenagers. Police have often been seen having to move the groups along like clockwork as theyre just like mold. You….cant get rid of them??
Luckily when there is rain they do seem to disappear and the many other shoppers rejoice as they can get their fast food without having to walk that little bit extra and use the second entrance.

The Haymarket shopping centre. Opened in 1973 it can only be described as Highcross’ older yet smaller, uglier and less popular sibling. It is home to many shops such as Poundland, Greggs, The Card Factory and TopGirl. Also many old people. As it is literally on the highstreet it also boasts doors to H&M and Primark, although many shoppers are more likely to use those shops own doors rather than walk a little bit more to use their door.
It used to have a few very-popular-with-the-hipsters cafes but they have since mysteriously disappeared and so it is very rare to see a wild teenager by iteself in this once very popular shopping centre.

The Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower also know as the Clock tower is not a spectacular sight in every day life. However many will admit that during Christmas time it looks its best and brings out a certain festive vibe to the whole of Leicester town centre.
Also if they are over the age of 17 they probably remember a time when all of Leicesters fine bred goth kids would hang around there just minding their own business.. Why we let them die out and be replaced by the mcdonalds teenagers I will never know.
Wiki described it as a major landmark and popular meeting point in Leicester, United Kingdom. Which is very much so the truth. However they forgot to add that many preachers seem to pick that exact spot to .. preach … or sing.

The Lanes. /St. Martins Square and Arcades. Think of something on a postcard or from a history book. The Lanes in Leicester is full of beautiful buildings, independent shops and cafes and probably half of Leicesters pubs. It is very picturesque. and fun to get lost in.
Leicesters own tourism website describes it as “A treasure trove of tucked-away exciting emporiums, boutiques and niche stores to lose yourself in. Plus award-winning bars and delis, Michelin-rated restaurants and quaint traditional tea rooms. Including the newly refurbished Silver Arcade, built in 1899, it is one of only two 4-storey arcades in UK and has won awards for its beautiful restoration.”
If you are a tourist and want to get some pretty photos I reccomend wondering through The Lanes.
and like most things here in Leicester, its even prettier when it puts on its makeup ready for Christmas.

So those are a few of the most popular places of Leicester.. If you wish to know of the hidden gems you must first visit and beg me to be your tour guide 😉
There are a lot of really pretty buildings aswell as parks and historic things, so if you really are looking for a place to explore I suggest you check out www.visitleicester.info or check out the Visit Leicester shop in Leicester. They sell some amazing T-Shirts…. I really..just…. I cant believe that they exist

thanks for reading and have a good day!



  1. tam
    September 23, 2014 / 8:49 pm

    I've never been but it doesn't look too bad!

  2. SooMoo ϟ
    November 13, 2014 / 11:57 pm

    It looks lovely! I'll have to see what my friends plan for my birthday next year. Perhaps a trip to Leics will be on board. c:

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