10 things about me.

Sept 10th: List 10 things that you love about yourself! Let’s kick that negative self-talk outta here!

Im so grateful for a simple one today! First day at college and im literally freaking out.
Although then again, this isnt as simple as it seemed at first glance.

I cant even think of 10 things I like about myself, let alone love. But Ill give it a shot. Just for you..

  1. Im English. I love Englands history and its great that I can be overly enthusiastic about it without being branded as whatever Englands version of a weeaboo is.
  2. I have blonde hair. Its a darkish blonde that gets lighter in the sun but its still blonde. Im able to dye my hair different colours without needing to use bleach. (The first colour I ever dyed my hair was green LOL).
    Also my leg & arm hair is barely noticeable.
  3. Im patient. Generally due to the fact that im never in a rush to go anywhere but still patience is generally classed as a good thing?
  4. I have an obsessive personality. This is actually a bad/good thing.. For example when the Uni expansion pack for The Sims 3 came out I played it nonstop for almost three weeks, sleeping around only 5 hours a day. On the other hand when reading a series of books I read and read and read or with something like Dayre, I have managed to daily blog since the 7th Dec 13, and I tried to stop posting a few weeks ago but physically couldnt not post atleast one thing. Slightly annoying yes but, I have a day by day diary of this past year. Which is pretty cool I think. If theres something that catches my attention I put all of my effort and time into it.
  5. Id like to think that im pretty rad at giving out presents. In year 7 I went to a birthday party of a girl I didnt really know and got her this expensive box of beauty stuff and she was just like ‘eh…’ and I have classed that as my lowest point of ever giving gifts ever. It took me a while to figure out but the cost of the item isnt always whats important, its the thought behind it. I also like to write more than just to and from in cards, it gets a little rambally sometimes but I like to think (hope) the people who get them like them.
  6. I managed to get through my die hard terribly embarrassing weeaboo phase in under a year. 
  7. If ur my friend then woo go you everything you do is awesome and ill always tell you how awesome what youre doing is. Im a pretty ok personal cheerleader.. 
  8. I have a pretty high pain threshold, but give me the sniffles and I will moan and complain like hell. lol but seriously, even the doc at the hospital was impressed with how high my pain threshold was and I was like ‘um it kinda has to be’. 
  9. Honest but not mean. It took me ages to fine tune it but I think ive finally got there. It took years and broke many friendships due to my inability to properly understand people but I think ive got it now.
  10. I have a great wig collection.

That was really hard!!

Does anyone know why its easier to think about things you hate rather than love b/c Id really like to know if they did.


Can I add not punching everyone who compares me to Taylor Swift as #11 ?
just kidding thats one hell of a compliment/delusion 



  1. tam
    September 10, 2014 / 12:02 pm

    I found today's post sooooo hard! I definitely pick myself a part way too much so this was a good one to do x

    • hana
      September 10, 2014 / 9:47 pm

      me too! It was a hard post to think about and write but im glad that I did!

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