Twirly Trinkets Review!!

While looking around on the internet for outfit inspiration I noticed that a lot more people are starting to wear chokers. They were even heavily featured in EMODAs new lookbook.
Ive always been very wary of chokers as I have a short neck, big face etc but I found myself really wanting to give them a go. See how they look on me.

…  Thats when I found Twirly Trinkets, an Etsy shop over at 

Its amazing how a quick google search can land you at what seems to be the answer to your dreams. At only £3.39 plus shipping for a choker that looked exactly like the one I was looking for I was 100% sold and ready to buy before id even looked at her other items.

A quick timeline-
On 11/7/2014 just after midnight I placed an order for three different chokers.
On 12/7/2014 I recieved a message on Etsy from Penny thanking me for my order and letting me know that she would be shipping them on Monday.
On 14/7/2014 I received another message from Penny letting me know that she had shipping my items, I also received an email from Etsy letting me know that my order was shipped.
On 15/7/2014 I received a small package in the mail that contained all three chokers and proceeded to write this blog post.

Heres what I received!

Classic Plain BLACK 16mm SATIN Ribbon Choker Necklace £3.39

Simple black ribbon choker, exactly what I was looking for! and I love it! its perfect!

 Classic Plain BLACK GLITTER Velvet 10mm Ribbon Choker Necklace £2.99

You cant see the sparkles in my selfie of this choker but thats my fault due to taking these photos around 2am with really bad lighting. This choker is so lovely, its about half the width of the ribbon choker and makes a nice change.

Cute Outline Crescent MOON Charm With SP Chain 10mm WHITE Velvet Ribbon Choker £3.99

This one was a complete impulse buy, however I couldnt be more happy with it! It was this choker that inspired me to do a different style of makeup. I wasnt sure how it would look but I can definitely say that this is my favourite out of all three of them.. something I was not expecting to say!

(I really dont have the lips/face to pull of those pictures above so let me show you some better pictures less focused on the choker)

When ordering these I made the mistake of not measuring my neck to work out which length would be best and instead chose the smallest one thinking that that would be fine, and to be honest I like that they arent the chokiest of chokers.
All of the chokers at Twirly Trinkets are custom made so if you order one and want them to be the perfect size dont forget to measure your neck and let Penny know! ^^

(Im not really happy with how this post turned out, I really wanted it to be perfect which is why I spent so long changing the pictures and words and everything and in all honestly I looooove this etsy shop like idk ive worn these chokers so much since originally writing this post and theyve held up amazingly well considering how much I sweat fiddle with my necklaces .. like ive had chokers from topshop for waaaay more and they broke pretty easily)

I hope you liked this review!

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