If you asked what my favourite clothing brand was I would probably say


Emoda is a Japanese brand that over the past year and a half I have really grown to love. I can’t really give you one exact reason why but if I had to… I just really love their whole aesthetic. From season to season they never seem to make an item that makes me go ‘ew who would wear that’ and their lookbooks have influenced my wardrobe for so long now.

Anyway, EMODA were having their summer sale the other week and I accidentally bought a few items. 

The great thing about EMODA is that you don’t have to use a shopping service! That’s right, you don’t have to use a shopping service! (I mean if you want to you can use Tenso, but you don’t have to.)

From the EMODA Global Webstore you can order as much clothing as your heart (and bank balance) desires and have them ship it straight to you. Oh the simplicity was just the cherry on top of the cake…. More Japanese brands should do this

A quick timeline- 

On 12/7/2014 I made my order and a few minutes later received a confirmation email.

On 14/7/2014 I received an email asking me to complete my address because I was a stupid head and didn’t fill in my address properly.

On 16/7/2014 I received an email early in the morning that they had sent my package.

On 19/7/2014 I got a lovely letter in the mail from Parcel force requesting that I pay some customs charges.

On 22/7/2014 I received my package and started to write this blog post.

This was the packaging, if you look closley you can see the horrible customs sticker announcing its £27 charge 🙁

Ill start with my biggest purchase –

This travel mirror was 2,907 JPY –link

At the moment I am completely in love with quilted things, if its quilted and I can buy it then I will! I wanted to buy the matching bag and purse but they were sold out in the colour that I wanted. It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be but thats not a complaint.
I needed a mirror to use for makeup for when I travel so this is a very handy purchases if I do say so myself.

These off the shoulder tops were only 1490 JPY each –link

I couldnt choose between black, white, striped or red and so in the end I had to flip a coin and im happy with my choice. They are so soft and the material is lovely and light and perfect to wear in the summer!

This necklace was 1490JPY –link

When I opened this I was a little bit shocked at how small the main piece of the necklace was. I was expecting it to be a little bit bigger, however upon wearing it I would say that it is the perfect size for this length of chain.
(do you really expect me to say anything bad? EMODA is literally my Nintendo of clothing brands…)

These knee length socks were 1490JPY –link

On the stock image they reminded me of Chers socks in Clueless (fourth favourite film of mine whos fashion is currently completely in fashion again). They arent a horrible opaque white but they arent too sheer either, if anything a perfect inbetween! The small piece of elastic at the top does a really good job of making sure that they dont fall down.

and last but not least, this tshirt was 1495 JPY –link

idk why I bought this. tshirts really do not suit me, and as you can see this fits exactly like a tshirt usually does. This was a one-size item. The material itself is really nice so A+ for that EMODA.

The EMODA summer sale is still on and there are so many cool items that you can get! International shipping is not only really fast but also very well priced http://emoda-webstore.com

Which was your favourite item and what is your favourite brand?


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  1. Tsukimi
    October 7, 2014 / 11:11 am


    Love your Emoda haul! I recently did one too because the prices were crazy cheap after the discounts (posted about it on my blog)~
    I'm so angry because I used Tenso instead of regular shipping =( I had to pay extra service fee to the peeps at Tenso, argh.
    I'm actually surprised customs charged you! My order came in a HUGE Emoda box (there was so much space left inside!) plus the declared price was about $300 and I never got charged.


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