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[[all prices included in this blog post are the prices that I payed when I bought these items, the prices may have changed since then.]]

A couple of weeks ago, I was out with some friends when I recieved a text from my mom, she wanted to know what the package with my name on was .. or in her words “hannah what have you bought now? I thought you were saving for france…..” ….I am saving but I saw a co-ord that I just needed to get and so a c c i d e n t a l l y made a Choies order.

Anyway, I was so excited to get home and look through all of the items that I even braved the rush hour train home and maybe forgot to take packing photos. They were each individually wrapped in zip lock bags with -Choies- written on them and then all put inside a grey mailing bag also with Choies written on it! All v. professional to the max hahaha
I bought six items and because my order was over a certain amount I also got a dress for £0! All in all the items + shipping cost £42.02 exactly! and I didnt even have any customs charges to pay!

So lets start with the review!-



[[stock photos of the items that I ordered from]]

 Black Chiffon Skirt With Mesh Panel $14.13 ONE SIZE

LOVE!!! I was actually also looking for a white version of this all over the internet but could not find it in my size anywhere. I wish I had but I totally love this item just as much as I would have loved the white version! and it even fits my colour scheme at the moment (black, black and more black!!).
I was worried that it would look weird, with it falling in the middle of my calf, but I think that paired with a small heel it looks perfect and no one can convince me otherwise!

Choies Design Limited Blue Eyes Print Sleeveless Crop Top With High Waist Cut Out Pencil Skirt $17.99 SIZE: S

I like this item very much! In fact it was the whole reason for me making this order! Unfortunately I seem to have a terrible habit of just ordering clothes in size small and didnt read the measurements. I can fit into it. But.. not comfortably
There are cut out sections in the skirt and its embarrassing because ah hey my fat sticks out and its not pretty
I have suspicions that the M might have been too big though x.x

Black Shift Dress with Contrast Mesh Panel $12.99 SIZE: S

I… really like this item too! Its a little bit shorter than I expected (again.. I should really learn to read the measurements..). Also, I kinda get the impression that it cant decide if it wants to be a tight fitting dress or a boxy dress. Its far too boxy at the top but then it gets tight at my hips……ah ill go diet now
no but its really nice and because it is so short I can see myself getting away with wearing this in this horribly hot summer we are having this year.

Pink Stripe Loose Cardigan $10.99 ONE SIZE

This is an item that I really just added to my basket because it was cheapish and I figured if it looked good it would make a good summer cardigan and if it was terrible…. My dogs would enjoy their new blanket x.x
But surprisingly I really like it! Its light and it has a baggy look to it without actually being baggy! and I dont even mind the pink!!

Black Cross Front Crop Top with Side Cut Out $10.69 ONESIZE

I think that you need a masters degree to figure out how to put this thing on. I swear it took me so long to get it to look right… Once on I dont mind it but it is very revealing (idk I think I must be an idiot who didnt understand exactly how revealing it would be). Also the front bit is padded but its completely useless?? They really arent a good shape or anything…
I want to say nice things because in pix and from far away it looks OK but I cant think of many.


Cat Printed Leggings $9.99 ONE SIZE

Im not really sure why I got this. They are cool but really really not my style at all. I doubt ill be ever brave enough to wear these outside but for lounging around in them around my house/friends houses they are great! Ive never had printed leggings so im not 100% sure what to look for.
The print gets a little whiter when stretched but not so much that its extremely visible.
Leggings always fit me weirdly and these are no exception. They are too big at the waist and too long for me overall! 😡 It makes them look really baggy.. and im not too fond of that look.
They do however fit really well on the main section of my legs haha

Basic All-match Cotton Long Vest Dress In Black $0 ONE SIZE

 I once fell in love with a dress just like this one but it was one size too big for me and I was heartbroken. Needless to say, this dress is not as great as that one however it isnt bad. In my opinion it doesnt suit me and if I were to wear it outside id layer a top over it.
I cant say much about the material (as the only thing I know about materials is that velvet is always the best option….) but although it isnt cotton its very light and I wore this just to nip to the shop the other day and didnt actually boil to death!

Well.. if theres one thing we have learnt from this post its that ive got a terrible posture. and that I need to chop my left arm off as it is just in the way in photos… and when sleeping.

and with that my review of Choies comes to an end. Thankyou for reading!


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