Fathers day!!!!!

Sorry for my previous blog post, I was a little down and feeling overwhelmed by everything that is going on in my life. I have my practical driving test booked and the date is approaching faster than I expected. This is a big deal for me and as the day approaches I find myself feeling sicker and sicker. and not in the cool way!
I dont know if this is my minds way of telling my im not ready to take the test, or my bodies way of telling me to slow down or what.. So right now for me its interior design and driving and movies.

Anyway swiftly moving on to my actual topic for today!
Fathers day!

For me, fathers day means spending the whole day with your dad reminding him how cool you are. However for my brother, he just wants to go and hang out with his friends so for yesterday we had to come to a compromise. A fathers day meal! (and then he can go and hang out with his friends afterwards…)

Which means I had a perfect excuse to mess around with some of my new beauty products and make an effort to look presentable.
view pictures below at your own risk!


Ive been using heated rollers to give my hair a little more volume and for the hours or so that I have to use them I take the stupidest photos!!

and this was my outfit for the day..

Dress and cardigan: MA*RS


Shoes: offbrand

My hair got quite flat quite quickly due to me only leaving the rollers in for half an hour. Stay tuned for post about the rollers I use and HOW to use them xD

This was my dessert. I had so many options but in the end I opted for a simple icecream and chocolate sauce! and it was yummyyummyuumyy! .. I think sometimes the simpliest things can be the best!

whats your favourite dessert?

oh and what did you do for fathers day? (。´∀`)ノ



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    June 16, 2014 / 9:16 pm


    • hana
      June 18, 2014 / 11:51 am


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