Lash Extensions – review + thoughts

I have very short eyelashes. Not only short but blonde! wtf. Ever since I learnt what makeup was I tried so hard to get long pretty eyelashes…. but everytime nothing!
Maybe the mascaras I used were no good.
Maybe I was just doomed.

Today im going to be telling you about that one time I had the brilliant idea to try out lash extensions.
Think hair extentions, but for your eyes (and a whole lot shorter!).

I was looking for the perfect time to get them (preferably sometime where I would be doing lots and taking lots of photos) and that perfect occasion came around a few weeks ago when a friend came down from scotland.


“Bye bye non existent eyelashes for a little while!”

I chose Oasis Health & Beauty to get my eyelashes done at, which isnt the closes beauty place to us, but according to my mom, and many others, ‘worth the drive’.

A Full Set of Individual Lash Extensions takes 60mins and costs start from £46. Totally affordable!





Please excuse the bad images, idk what happened.
Dramatic result right??

The lashes, for me, lasted three weeks and I.. I probably should have taken better care of them.


Everyday felt like good selfie day. The pros of wearing false eyelashes but without any of the cons! (heaviness, eyelash glue, falling off…)


For anyone in the Leicestershire area and looking to get eyelash extensions I can completely 100% recommend these guys, they really know what they are doing. And as a bonus, the environment is so relaxing I almost fell asleep.


As for the comfortableness of them, completely comfortable! During the application the glue made my eyes sting a little but it soon went!


If I go away for the summer I will definitely invest in another set… It was so wonder being able to go outside wearing just foundation or even no makeup and not feeling like I shouldnt be outside .. haha!


this post ended up becoming selfie central pt. 2

the tag hanavanity has never been so useful!!



  1. K 武史
    May 2, 2014 / 9:11 pm

    Cute! とってもいいですよー、いろいろ模索するのも悪くないですね、とても良い感じです。

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