A spring change

My hair is probably one of my favourite things about me. Well.. probably the only thing I like about me.
I like the natural colour, it suits my skin tone and my makeup style. Which is why I have probably never dyed it a different colour, apart from silly vegetable dyes ofc.

Ever since cutting my hair last autumn (winter?) I have had so much fun trying different hair styles and as spring is rapidly approaching I find myself wanting to try something new.

My mom always said that no matter how you hair your hair you will never be content.
You have curly hair? You’ll want to straighten it.
You have straight hair? You’ll curl it.
Light hair, you’ll want it darker.
Dark hair, you’ll want it lighter.

And so as the season of pastels and gingham checks approaches I have decided to, for the first time, dye my hair a darker colour.

My chosen hair dye was from the Botanics range at boots. I was very particular about which dye I used, this one washes out with 24 washes and that was the sort of dye I was looking for.. a complete non permanent one.

Bitter chocolate, now thats a hair dye for me if ive ever heard one wtf.

The hair dye was put on my freshly washed, without conditioner, hair and left to its own devices for 30 minutes.


immediate before and after snapchats

Colour with no washes.


I can see the colour fading with each wash, and as happy as I am to have been able totry out brown hair.. Once the blonde is back I will not be dying it again.

haha what a post
basically just a selca post

If you are looking to dye your hair a different natural colour, but only temperarily, then I definitely suggest you use Boots BOTANICS non permanent range!


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