What is the second most expensive thing you'll ever own in your life?
Recently I found out the answer is......... A car! The first of course being a house.

Last August I got my provisional driving license with the intention of doing my CBT and drving a scooter.... ha! Could you imagine that?? Unfortunately I got super super unwell last autumn/winter and so all plans of doing that went completely out of the window.

So with the new year came a new idea of my parents.. I should start learning how to drive a car!
Within that week I had my first driving lesson. It was awesome.

4 hours of driving lessons later I was craving my own car to practise in and started looking everywhere for one in budget... But every car was ugly??? I couldnt find a pretty and reliable car that was within budget and wouldnt have crazy insurance prices. It was a nightmare!!

And then after my 5th hour of lessons I was exhaustedly browsing the internet and I just... I fell in love.

31st Jan dayre entry.

The problem was it was double, almost triple my budget.
However as my friend said, when you know you know.
and I had to get it.

The following wednesday, 5 terribly long days after first seeing it, I got to go and view it. and after making a quick shameful post on dayre I went ahead and bought it!
Just like that I was broke... oh and owned a car! haha...

Look how pretty she is!
ok ok time to introduce you!
Type: Nissan Micra
Age: 2005
Price: -------
Name: ....I havent thought of one yet.

Luckily my parents offered to pay for my insurance for the first year (。´∀`)οΎ‰

Are any of you learning to drive? 
Have you yet purchased the second most expensive thing you'll ever own?