Oh gosh.. I just realised id never make a very good beauty blogger.
I barely ever buy new makeup.
However recently I have been on the search for a new foundation .. for a little under 6 months! and I am quite happy to say that finally I think I have found THE ONE! You know.. its like wedding dresses, when you fall in love you stop looking.
and with that I introduce you to my new skin

Bare minerals!
My skin got matched to Golden Fair, which is pretty light!

Filter or actual flawless make?

um both??

 Included in this £50 kit is;

  • A primer, to prime your face.
  • A pot of your colour matched mineral foundation.
  • A pot of 'warmth' .. a magic powder which makes it super easy to look like you are a pro that knows how to contour your face.
  • A pot of Original Mineral Veil, a sheer powder that you can use on top of your makeup to make your face look less shiny etccc
  • and ofcourse three brushes for you to put all of this on your face.
If you would like to take a look at how it looks in a video then please make it your next job to stop by my new youtube channel http://youtube.com/applesandhanana as I am wearing it in my first and very embarassing video.

Lady who colour matched my skin said I had a very nice modelesque type face but I think we all know she was just sucking up to me so I would buy the make ;) ;)

one last pic then im gone.
This is my 'I could so be a model' face ahahaha

This is perf for me b/c I have a tendency to fall asleep without realisng and because this is naturaaal stuff its not too bad for my skin if I fall asleep with it on every now and then :)