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27 Aug 2016


Woo! Im almost not behind schedule anymore!!
These past couple of vlogs have been so hard to edit, i'm not sure if it's just the sheer amount of footage, me having to recover or just actual life events getting in the way, but either way- it's up now! You are welcome future me! Yes, we are almost at the end of summer, it's terrible but hey atleast we can look back and see what we did....right?

On Monday we went to Llandudno, which was around an hour away when traffic was included. Didn't really do much apart from shop, --- ------ -- ----, visit the beach and forget the actual reason we visited- which was to visit a place that apparently did amazing crêpes. We ended up back in Rhyl and went to the arcades / watched the sun set which was nice. Left the camera in the car though so no footage of that lol soz.

On Tuesday we went back into Chester and Becky got her tattoo, got lunch, - --- ------ -- ---- -----, did some makeup shopping in Debenhams and remembered why we had gone to Llandudno the previous day.... and headed back there only to find the place was completely unairconditioned so got icecream instead and walked to the pier.

Wednesday was our last day and it was pretty chill. We spent the morning slowly packing up, got breakfast then headed back to Rhyl where we did some last minute souvenir shopping and sat at the beach unable to function because of the heat before leaving to get some food and returning for the arcades. Becky has a 2p machine problem okay?! We ended up leaving at like 10pm or something and finally arrived back home at 2:30 ish ?

On Friday I had plans with Becky, her Tom and Alex which turned into plans with Becky, her Tom, Alex and Beckys family- it was really nice.

and then for the rest of the weekend I was editing/sleeping.

23 Aug 2016


woah, okay, this video is a long one! 
The week started off pretty slow but on Thursday I went away on a little trip with Becky - which is the reason that this is so late! I did try to edit it on my laptop but the poor thing couldn't handle all of the video that we had filmed... I tried okay. 

We went to Rhyl on Thursday and watched Finding Dory at the cinema before going into the arcades and spending way more hours than I am willing to admit playing on the 2p machines. It's okay. It's okay. They were all ones Becky had been saving for the past few years....we didn't exchange any of our actual £.

On Friday we had a late start but eventually went to Chester and did some shopping and photo taking. We also revisited The Church which I will have a post up about .. at .... some point..... Until then you can just read the one I wrote last October ;)

On Saturday we went to Criccieth, which was a two hour drive away. The main mission was to revisit a cafe I went to a couple of family holidays ago because they made the best brownies known to man-kind. We also visited the beach and a few shops. 

On Sunday we had a lazy day, which consisted of going to Chester to pay the deposit for a tattoo Becky wanted and getting brunch. Very nice relaxing day.

FRIDAY: 25:08
SUNDAY: 58:52

Week 33 should be up soon, we filmed way less during the second half of the week.

9 Aug 2016


This week included my brothers 15th birthday and inviting myself along to a friends get together and calling it a party because.. well .. I need to make my life sound exciting somehow.

It was a good week! I had fun! So tired now though..  could probably sleep for a week.

3 Aug 2016


This week was very unintentionally social. I have no complaints.

On Tuesday I saw Rebecca and we planned what we are going to do when we go away.
On Wednesday I got my hair cut, broke my brace and saw Alex.
On Thursday I went to the dentist, had my brace fixed and tightened and... then saw Alex. We played guitar hero, that was fun. Also watched Internet Famous. It was surprisingly not terrible.
On Friday I saw Magda and we went into Leicester to visit a cafe we had been wanting to visit for a while and to watch the new Ghostbusters movie at the cinema. 10/10 would recommend. v funny.
On Sunday we finally finished season 1 of Bobs Burgers. I've already watched all the episodes to date but Alex hasn't and any excuse to watch Bobs Burgers ykno....

I don't know how or why but I managed to film way over two hours of video this week and it was really hard editing it down into a watchable time- in the end I got it down to just over fifty minutes, which is still a lot, but i'm sure future me won't mind that much.

Hope you had a good week..

26 Jul 2016


This week has been a nice one! The weather was brilliant for the first part of the week.
and by brilliant
I mean, 

I do not approve of weather that hot.
I did not go to Wales for it to be hot.


But we had a good time. 

Hope you had a good week!

19 Jul 2016


So, it turns out that the internet here is good enough to upload videos! yay! It's really strange being on holiday and having semi-decent internet, this hasn't happened for years, and I am definitely not complaining.
Pokémon Go came out in the UK this week and I managed to catch a few despite having 0 signal, it was a little frustrating having to live off of free wifi - there isn't much of that in rural Wales - but I made do.

On Monday we went into Aberaeron had something to eat and went to the beach and then went to a different beach. Then we went to New Quay where we had some chips and saw some dolphins! fun day!

Tuesday I stayed at the cottage because I wasn't feeling well and played many games of ToS with a friend.

Then on Wednesday we went to another beach. I think this one was called Borth? and then later on in the day we went out for something to eat and I had this huge dessert. Yes I ate it all. Yes I felt sick afterwards. Played some ToS afterwards then Skyped w Alex. The internet is a wonderful thing.\

Thursday I did nothing bc I was unwell :) but on Friday I went to the shop (Morrisons lol) with my mum and brother and they had these stupid Union Jack sunglasses for 50p so I obviously got them, along with weird dog t-shirts also for 50p and when we got back my mum tried sitting the glasses on Mals face and this photo was created - - -
You're welcome.

On Saturday me and my mum went back to New Quay and looked around the like three shops they had there. I needed some postcards okay. Don't judge. We also got some breakfast, and a snack a little later on. I need a lot of snack breaks to function, its why people love hanging out with me so much. Later on in the day we went to the old gold mine National Trust place while my dad looked after the dogs and went into a cave, which was fun. I then played more ToS when I got back bc it is an addicting game. You play once, then you play fifty times more in the same week, then you don't play again for three months - then repeat.

Sunday we went back into Aberaeron and had a look around the couple of shops that existed, got some breakfast / dessert because food. Then later on in the day my brother wanted to go to McDonalds so I drove him. Hour round trip to McDonalds, can't say ill miss that when we get back home.

and that was my week!
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