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27 Jun 2016


This weeks been fun! 
On Tuesday I met up w Alex and then Fii! I am 110% in love with Fii's 50mm camera lens, and I have said that on pretty much every social media now so .. now everyone knows. That paired with Fii's amazing photo taking skillz made taking outfit photos with her super fun (and new outfit post soon! ooooooooh!)

It was the EU Referendum on Thursday and I, of course, voted. duh.

I spent the majority of the day in mourning because the majority of the UK decided to leave the EU, which is not what I wanted, and sorry if u follow me on twitter for spamming your timeline since then. There are a lot of issues with this whole thing. blah.
I made last minute plans with Magda, I picked her up from work and we caught up, complained about the referendum results and celebrated her birthday! 

On Saturday I met Alex again and we went to a friend of his' birthday party. It was a really good night.

Sunday wasn't as fun, but that's to be expected as I had done an awful lot. I spent pretty much the entire day in bed, which is not as fun as it sounds. 

Week 25 was a good one! Cant believe we are almost half way through the year!
Hope u had a good weeeeeek

20 Jun 2016


This week has pretty much been........
Rebeccas Prom
Fathers Day

but it was fun.

15 Jun 2016


This has been one hell of a video making, crisp eating, avoiding responsibilities week. But it was a good one.
Hope you had a good week.

8 Jun 2016


This week was half term which meant my brother was off school soon Wednesday we went out for a family meal. I also went back to the hairdressers and booked myself in to get my hair permed...on the 6th July.
If you wanna meet me before I completely ruin my hair, now is the time to do it!
I also put up some fairy lights in my room and filmed a video/ edited it/ uploaded it to my main youtube channel hxanou - its pretty stupid but I decided that instead of scrapping every video I deemed not good enough I would upload them instead bc whats the worst that could happen ?!? 

On Friday I met a friend and we got some food and caught up and looked for possible prom dresses. It was fun. I really suck at keeping in contact with people- really need to work on that more.

On Saturday we went over to my Aunts house to see some family that was visiting but I didnt film anything bc my family is a little camera shy.

Apart from that I havent done anything else. My health hasnt been great recently so even though I havent done a whole lot it has been a whole lot to me (does that make sense?) (idk)

Hope you had a good week!!

31 May 2016


The weeks over and omg has it been a tiring one.

On Wednesday I changed my remaining Euros back into GBP and on Saturday I went to get my glasses fixed while my brother was at the hairdressers. 
His stylist moved salons and this new one does Olaplex which is a hair treatment that, if the word of sponsored blog posts is anything to go by, is a really really so so so nice and cool new treatment for the hair that helps fix your damaged hair.
Im not sure if I am entirely convinced by it but I decided to ask about a possible loose perm while there because my stylist has said she doesnt do that kind and the person I spoke to said she knew what I was talking about and even asked me if the reason I wanted it was because I had seen Guy Tang do it. lol
Let me explain.
I've been trying to explain the idea of a loose perm to my mum for ages but never quite succeeded and so had lost hope until Guy Tang had uploaded a video about 'permanent beach waves perm' which got the idea back in my head. Guy Tang uses Olaplex and is basically the face of it so the chance that the salon owner of a salon that uses Olaplex would understand was higher than a stylist of a salon that doesnt use Olaplex.....I think.
ANyway she took a piece of my hair from the back of my head to perm so I could see what kind of curl she was on about and we are going back next Wednesday to see.

My parents also took the dogs out for a run and dragged me along for some fresh air. It was kinda cool to see the dogs run - they run so fast !? I never knew. 

and that was my week.

25 May 2016


So, the week is over and I have one hell of a long video as I actually did stuff!!

Monday and Tuesday were pretty much filled with me attempting to pack as little as possible and then changing my mind five billion times.
Wednesday started pretty early- I had to wake up at 3AM 😭😭

I was going to do a Paris recap here but im not sure if ill be doing a blog post on it or not so just to avoid spoilers (lol) here are the time codes for the video. pls watch. its very long but u can just skip to what u want to watch.

Wednesday / 05:01 - 15:56
Travelling to 05:34
Apartment Tour 08:08
Bus Tour 14:49

Thursday / 15:56 - 28:21
Food [ American ] 18:10
Eiffel Tower at night 23:31

Friday / 28:22 - 48:32
Heading up the Eiffel Tower 30:58
Top of the Eiffel Tower 32:16
Food [ Cafe ] 36:25
Leaving 41:21

(let me know if u want any more)
Might do a day by day recap on Dayre so if U dont follow me there u should. Im hxanou. obvs.

Saturday and Sunday were very non eventful days. I have a lot of recovering to do now but...it was so worth it. I had so much fun. Theres still so much that I want to do so Im already trying to recruit people to go with me......
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